Contruyendo futuro ambiental en el presente
Contruyendo  futuro ambiental en el presente

                                 What we do

CEC is a practical environmental learning laboratory, creating environmental awarness and involing peopele in finding practical solutions to sustain the fragile relationship between the local communities around Lake Atitlan and their unique environment. It is a space for the exchange and application of knowledge, ideas skills and practical learning to an urgent environmental situation. It will bring together Mayan ancestral wisdom, examples of local good practice and innovative environmental technologies transferable from other contexts. It willl encourage people to reflect and to come up with and try out practical solutions to real, current issues which they have helped identify which will contribute to building a local, participatory model of sustainable development


We will take a holistic approach to developing the objectives of the centre, and build a participatory collaborative way of working. Our methodology is sympathetic to the traditions and customs which are lived and breathed around the Lake. Through a participatory approach CEC will create the conditions for the changes in attitude and behaviour  and empower communities to take indiviual and collective resposibility and environmentally conscious decisions in building a sustainable future. In turn our ideas and solutions will be shared.


CEC welcomes those who have ideas, knowledge and skills to share and those who want to experiment and learn; it is open to ''teachers'', participants, researchers and volunteers.


Our first skill based programmes will actually build the CEC and its infrastructure. Future coarses will take place on site and around the Lake, extending, sharing and demonstrating useful practical ideas at the heart of communities around the Lake.


Please take a look at our menu of programmes, coarses and workshops. Join us and share your knowledge and ideas, learn new skills and be part of the develepment of CEC.

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