Contruyendo futuro ambiental en el presente
Contruyendo  futuro ambiental en el presente

                     Eco-construction programme

For CEC eco-architecture reflects our  concern for and understanding of sustainability. It recognises the  interdependence of all of the environmental elements; air , water and land and integrates them harmoniously to create the conditions for living practically, simply, healthily and with well being. It offers a way to  maintain the fragile balance between the environmental resources  and human beings. 

Inspired by this concept of sustainability, CEC will design its first programme of courses and workshops which will actually get people involved in the building of the centre and its infrastructure. Using a values based,  hands-on, practical learning methodology, the first workshops will  begin the construction of the physical interior and exterior spaces (the meeting and work spaces, the communal open spaces, the living accommodation for volunteers and researchers. They will also build  the basic energy and sanitation infrastructure CEC will need for its running.

The development of these courses will follow a green approach where the  design and construction will reflect the objectives of CEC; the building will function in harmony with the environment and the local ecosystems and will respect the way of life  and customs of the indigenous communities. It will use renewable natural materials, and implement clean energy solutions.

The eco construction course/programme is focussing on:

  • Design inspired by the principles of eco-architecture: considering the environmental context,  minimum environmental impact, the local way of life and local ecosystems, the use of natural materials and the harnessing of renewable energy.
  • The use and management of renewable building materials ;earth, clay, bamboo, wood and reeds etc
  • Recycling techniques  taking advantage of and reusing inorganic products (“rubbish”) in construction-such as plastic, glass and paper


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